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How To Keep Your Garden Looking Great All Year Long

By planning ahead and purchasing the right plants that can bloom all year you will save yourself money instead of just buying things that in the end you aren’t happy with .

First things first, map out the space you want to use for your garden and take measurements. Take note of the sun and shade components of your garden so you buy the right plants and don’t spend money on something that won’t grow properly. Figure out what colours you love and head to your local garden centre with all your details to get some help with planting spring flowers, summer and fall. 

Then, you will want to plant each season as so to stagger the garden so it always looks like it is blooming. Purchasing perennial flowers or bushes that have flower longevity helps to save money because they will bloom and grow larger every year.  A great suggestion is the hydrangea – they tend to bloom a long time, and come in a variety of colours. 

Another perfect plant are the Landscape roses. These are not cut flowers, but produce a lot of roses constantly throughout the season. They bloom from June – October
The Canadian Shield rose is a low-maintenance versatile garden and landscape rose with a more than one-metre spread, plenty of full, red flowers and glossy green foliage. It’s a repeat bloomer that stays stunning throughout the entire garden season.
Just as its name suggests, Canadian Shield™ is a hardy flower, resistant to disease and is winter hardy from coast to coast.
Another is the At Last Rose, which is the first disease-resistant rose with a classic rose fragrance –hence its name. Flowers are fully double (35-42 petals) in apricot orange. Glossy dark green foliage which is resistant to powdery mildew and black spot.
Blooms from early summer till fall with no deadheading (this one loves full sun). Prune back to first large healthy bud in spring.

You can easily save money on plants by getting a little creative as to where you purchase them. 
One of the best places is at a Botanical Gardens. The Toronto botanical Gardens holds an annual sale every year with plants that they have split like Hostas, succulents, lettuce, ferns geraniums. Local churches and charity organizations do the same. You can check out local newspapers to see when they are having their sales. You can even check out online buy and sell sites for gardening plants from private garden owners who have large or established gardens will do the same and sell off what they split. Generally speaking, you can get plants at a fraction of the cost than at your garden center. 

Roses Provided by Sheridan Nurseries
Plants provided by Toronto Botanical Garden


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Thursday, May 18, 2017

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