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Get your garden ready for winter with Owen’s tips


Protect spring bulbs from winter weather by adding extra mulch, pine needles and leaves

Lawn and Trees

Protect trees with burlap or a netted protector, which allows the trees to breathe as temperatures change.

Product: Select Winter Wrap, $4.99, available at Home Depot
Protect your lawn from salt and gravel with a lawn cover.

Product: Soltex Lawn Cover, $39.99, available at www.questplastics.ca


With the colder temperatures it’s harder for animals like deer and rabbit to find food. Repel animals from eating bark with a taste-based repellent.

Product: Skoot Animal Repellent, $21.99, available at Home Hardware

Repel larger animals with fencing.

Product: Select Deer d-Fence, $24.99 , available at www.questplastics.ca


Put away yard tools and equipment like lawn mowers, weed whackers and chainsaws. Be sure to empty gas out of equipment or add a fuel stabilizer

Product: MotoMaster Fuel Stabilizer, $7.99, available at Canadian Tire

Now is a good time to clean yard tools. Use cooking oil and a rag to get dirt and grime off tools.
Tune up winter equipment like snow blowers. Be sure to clean parts like spark plugs, check oil and add fuel.

Monday, November 19, 2012

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A Winter Ready Garden