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Growing a Gardening Kid

Owen’s Kid Gardening Tips:

  • Use fast growing & high yield plants like Beans, Strawberry and Primrose
  • Plant Directly from Seeds because kids love seeing plants grow from nothing
  • Container Gardening is Great Option. Get creative with fun containers like wagons, boots, or anything colorful
  • Have them make a schedule for Watering, Weeding, and Tracking Progress
  • Schedule gardening duties in small doses to avoid stretching beyond attention spans


Fairytale Garden Seedling Kit

Gardening Tote Set / Indigo $19.95

Kid Gardening gloves
Kid’s Big Tool Set

Little Red Wagon
www.radioflyer.com or www.chapters.indigo.ca

Lil True Temper Wheelbarrow
Kids Garden Hose

Raised-Raised Garden Bed
The Backyard Urban Farm Co

DIY Projects:

  • Build a Little Red Wagon Garden
  • Make a themed edible garden like Pizza, Salsa, or Fruit Salad

Monday, May 28, 2012

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Growing a Gardening Kid

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