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It was between Paul’s marinated beef tenderloin served with a blue cheese dressing and Jody’s double cut stuffed pork chop, stuffed with her Jack Daniel’s apples in Marilyn’s grill off competition. They only had 40 minutes to grill a meal that would win over our expert judge panel consisting of Owen Reeves, Charles the Butler and Diva Q.
It was a close call but in the end only one could win. Owen Reeves was first up to judge. Although he had trouble deciding, he choose Jody’s double cut stuffed pork chop. Charles the butler was next and even though he couldn’t help to let out a long “umm” when he tasted the pork, it was the perfectly cut beef tenderloin that won his vote.

It came down to Diva Q’s vote to break the tie and as Jack Daniel’s world champion of pork some would think that Jody could be at a disadvantage.  Although Paul’s presentation was pleasing to the eye and the beef cooked to perfection, Diva Q was impressed by Jody’s double cut stuffed pork chop and crowned her as the winner of Marilyn’s grill off.


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The BBQ Showdown Set

The BBQ Showdown Set

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Monday, May 21, 2012

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