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Fitness & Exercise

Learn How To Dance Your Way To Fitness

Whitney Way Thore is teaching a dance class for 'big girl' fitness that anyone can do at home

How To Stay Fit When You're On Vacation

Samantha Mont-Petit Huynh has products that you can easily take on the road to help you stay in shape

Fitness and Weight Loss Plans That You Can Start Today!

Michelle Crispe outlines her belly fat plan for one viewer battling injury, and anyone trying to lose weight.

Not A Fan Of Yoga? You Might Want To Try It Again!

Yoga expert to the stars Mandy Ingber is here to flex Marilyn's muscles, and make us fall in love with stretching and posing.

Rodney Weighs In!

Rodney steps on the scale and finds out live on the show just how far he has come in his weight loss journey so far.

Michelle Crispe’s Fitness and Weight Loss Plan

Michelle Crispe outlines her belly fat plan for one viewer battling injury and trying to lose weight

Donovan Green's One-Minute Workout

When it comes to working on our fitness, celebrity trainer Donovan Green shows that it’s possible to workout just about anywhere

Rodney Bowers' Weight Loss Journey

One of our most loved experts, Chef Rodney Bowers, shares a very personal story of weight loss

Celeb Trainer Donovan Green puts Rodney Bowers to the Test

Trainer to the stars Donovan Green talks weight loss and puts Chef Rodney Bowers to the ultimate fitness test

Chef Rodney Bowers Weighs In

Chef Rodney Bowers weighs in as he kicks off his weight loss journey

Sculpt Your Abs with the Belly-Fat Busting Routine

Steven Bewley chats with Marilyn about giving your abs a makeover and shares his belly fat-busting workout routine

Hottest Wellness Trends

Natasha Turner reveals the seven hottest wellness trends to keep you healthy in 2016

Fitspiration Gear Guide

Samantha Montpetit-Huynh shows off her favourite fitness gear to motivate viewers

Celebrity Trainer Donovan Green on 'No Excuse' Fitness

Marilyn works out with Dr. Oz’s personal trainer Donovan Green

Stretch it Out

Jim Karas shares some self-correcting stretches to reduce aches and pains

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