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Industry Advice from the Experts

Building a business is no easy feat, but there are some entrepreneurs who are willing to put it all on the line to fill what they see as a whole in the market. Getting advice from those who have tackled similar obstacles is key to building your brand and ultimately being successful. Meet our panel of business and financial experts.

Lynda Reeves

  • Founder and Publisher of ‘House & Home’ magazine
  • Design and lifestyle writer, producer and host
  • Business and investment skills
  • Preaches dedication to your passion

Kelsey Ramsden

  • Canadian entrepreneur, founded three companies
  • Earned an MBA at the Ivey School
  • Voted as one of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs
  • Humble and hardworking

Jamie Golombek

  • Managing Director, Tax & Estate Planning for CIBC
  • Teaches an MBA course in Personal Finance at the Schulich School of Business
  • Spent 12 years at a global investment company as a chartered accounted

Top Tips:

Lynda Reeves – Get your product right! Make sure that its great because it 90% of your business.
Successful individuals owe it to young entrepreneurs to act as mentors.

Kelsey Ramsden – Focus on the customer and solve a real problem. Give them something of value and you will be successful.
Mentors are close by; you just need to ask for help.

Jamie Golombek – Don’t forget about the financial side! You need a plan in place or everything else is worthless.
Work with a mentor or someone who has done this before and get some valuable (free) insight.

PickPockets Design

As a mom Elizabeth found she was always schlepping around tons of bags. It became so consuming that she decided to create her own system of modular handbags that slip and clip design that allows people to build the bag they need for the ultimate in customizable accessories.

She’s featured her line of handbags and pockets at consumer and trade shows, but wants advice on how to become more visible to the customer.

Lynda Reeves:
The key for you is to get into a retail store. Spend time with buyers to find out what they want and tweak the product to fit that.

Kelsey Ramsden:
Whose problem does this solve? Did you see people struggling and then work backwards or did you base this on something you needed? Sub segmenting the product prevents you from reaching enough people. Since your trying to market to so many groups it would be wise to focus more on one group and then build upon that success.

Jamie Golombek:
You’ve already invested lots of your own money, but how solid is your business plan? How much more can you afford to invest before you see a profit? Know that your time is valuable.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Coming Up

Thu 23 Desiree Neilson makes butternut squash lasagna
Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce