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The Business Of Bargains

Having the tools to get a good bargain can be a life skill that will save you thousands! Frugalista, Tiffany Heimpel, discusses how savvy business skills can improve all area in your life.

Business Skill Bargain
Networking By using her social network, Heimpel was able to secure all of her home appliances and save $8,000. She started by going through her network, determining whom she knew at an appliance company. She then reached out to that person and explained her home renovation and what appliances she wanted. She then asked for a deal. Since she made such a large purchase and given that that there she had the blog, they gave her a great deal.

Negotiation When Heimpel’s son was born she was given clothing in a variety of sizes. He grew so quickly that she was left with many clothes that didn’t fit. Luckily, the people who gave her gifts also provided gift receipts. When she went back to the stores where the clothes were purchased the time limit to return had expired. The stores offered to credit her the current cost (well below what the original price). She explained the situation to the and after much negotiation, she ended up facilitating the return to the original cost of the clothes.

Financial Management Heimpel got married she and her husband were at different banks. The mortgage was in Heimpel’s name and they had different lines of credit. They went one of the bands and consolidated everything; bank accounts, line of credits, mortgage, etc. In doing so they saved thousands of dollars in interest and bank transfer fees since everything is at the same bank. Now the bank is more likely to give them money or work with them to extend loans since they’re higher net worth clients.

Resource Management While renovating their home the family decided to live with family for the past 7-8 months. They estimate they’ve saved at least $16,000. Staying with someone who is willing to help or has space to offer realizes that you’ll save a ton of money by doing so. Plus, if the renovations take longer you’re not stuck and can use the savings to do even more with your home.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Thu 23 Desiree Neilson makes butternut squash lasagna
Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce