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Fri 26 Beauty products that work quickly to get you ready faster

Now is the Time to Shop

For retailers, July is all about summer clearance. Financial blogger from 'She's So Savvy,' Tiffany Heimpel, reveals the surprising discounts, you might not know about!

Shaving Products

  • Shaving creams and razors are highly discounted in July
  • When stores try to sell out of their backordered inventory
  • Brands heavily discount their warehouse stock so they can get rid of it by year’s end to make room for new product

Dehumidifiers and Air Conditioners

  • These go on sale from late July into August

Go Pro Cameras and Camcorders

  • These go on sale in July and August
  • Since they’re mainly used during the summer, retailers are looking to clear stock when the season ends

Indoor Furniture

  • Since new models come out in fall July is when furniture goes on significant sale

Linens and Tableware

  • Since July and August is wedding season suppliers work with retailers to slash prices to ensure wedding guests buy within their spending limit


  • After Father's Day, home improvement stores are desperately trying to clear out their excess inventory
  • Take advantage of the low prices by replacing old tools, adding to your collection or getting a jump start on Christmas gifts!

Sports Jerseys

  • As teams are eliminated from their respective finals their gear and tickets go on sale

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Fri 26 Beauty products that work quickly to get you ready faster