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Weight Loss on a Budget

Personal finance expert, Kelley Keehn breaks down the different places to exercise and how to fit it into your budget, because everyone’s is different just like their workout routines.

Gym Membership

  • High end options can run $120+ per month
  • Mid to low range can run $20 – 80+ per month
  • Look for child care options if you need to bring the kids along
  • Do you want to involve the entire family?  Look for recreational centers that include skating, swimming and more.
  • Try before you buy – many gyms offer a seven day trial offer
  • Can’t commit? Pay more for a monthly membership that allows you to cancel any time.  The cost is more than locking in, but it offers maximum flexibility

Gym pros:

  • Lots of equipment (newest and best), support, classes, personal trainers or instruction, yoga, steam, showers, racquetball courts, volley ball team, etc.
  • Get away from your spouse, kids, co-workers
  • Can help in holding you accountable and provide assessments, motivation and support
  • Can involve the whole family

Gym cons:

  • The cost over time vs. a home gym
  • Have to leave the house
  • Might be unclean, crowded or intimidating for women (tip: many gyms have a women’s only section)
  • Buying tip: The best deals can be negotiated in December and the summer, but January can offer great deals as well. 

Home Gym

  • Costs can be extremely high to reasonably low (not for someone that needs to be held accountable, likes social interaction and being around people or just getting out of the house)
  • Costs range from a few hundred dollars (for a bench, weights, yoga mat, and used equipment such as a bike or rowing machine) to thousands of dollars for a full home gym (if you have the room). 


  • Proponents of this option estimate that your gym can be paid for in as little as 4 to 5 years.
  • The plus is if you just don’t have time to get out, you know you and several members of your family will use the gym (thus saving on multiple gym memberships).


  • You don’t have the latest and greatest machines
  • Boredom from the lack of options

Personal Trainers

  • $70 - $90 an hour plus


  • These professionals will guide you and outline a customized exercise program that fits your specific needs
  • Reduce injury by doing things correctly
  • Hold you accountable and set realistic goals


  • Can be expensive
  • Options: getting a junior trainer can save you as much as $20 per session, or buddy-up and split costs

Training Online


  • Low cost, around $4.95 a month
  • 500 different workouts, videos and instructional basics that you can all do at home (like the proper push-up)
  • Ask a personal trainer for free



  • TONS of free videos online


  • Aren’t necessarily professionals and you could hurt or injure yourself
  • Little to no motivation or planning for those that need an exercise guide to help them along
  • DVDs – either purchased or free from your library can provide professional instruction and follow along guidance in home, office, hotel room or more for pennies per use

Simple alternatives (mostly free or very low cost):

  • Mall/Toronto PATH walking
  • Skip rope
  • Taking stairs
  • Group running
  • Cross country skiing
  • Tobogganing
  • Walking
  • Bowling
  • Look for coupon savings (Like Groupon)

Goodlife Fitness Website: www.goodlifefitness.com/


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