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The 7 Deadly Money Disorders

1. Shopaholic/Impulse Spender
A person who spends indiscriminately. Feels a compulsion to shop.

2. Ostrich
A person who chooses to ignore their financial situation. They might feel as if something is wrong, but they’re too afraid to look.

3. Upgrader/Status Seeker
The phrase “Keeping up with the Jones’” was written for this money disorder. A status seeker never feels as if they have enough stuff. And they have to have the best of everything.

4. Hoarder
A person who obsessively collects items “in case of emergency”. Hoarders will also hide money, also for emergencies, but will never use these funds.

5. Financial Infidelity
Couples who keep major financial secrets from each other, such as hiding purchases or keeping secret accounts.

6. Cheapskate
This person is frugal to the point of sacrificing happiness and life satisfaction. Generosity is one way we show affection for friends and loved ones. The cheapskate risks ruining relationships for the sake of saving a buck.

7. Workaholic
The only money disorder that is celebrated by society, the workaholic is addicted to work. They’ll even feel a “high” from working long hours.

ENCORE EPISODE Original Air Date: November 14, 2011