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Gendernomics is about women and men speaking a different language when it comes to money.
When negotiating a raise:

Never give the first number, or you’ll be starting too low. Make them give a number first and then ask for more & always end with a three because when you say it you finish with a smile on your face. Bottom line – ask for what you’re worth with a smile.
How Women can be better Negotiators:
  • Learn it: Everyone can do it. Men tend to do it earlier in life, but women can do it too.
  • Don’t be afraid: As you move up the corporate ladder, if you’re not negotiating for yourself then no one will. You will be at a severe disadvantage – for compensation and in terms of success compared to your male peers in terms of getting promoted. You can’t afford to be afraid.
  • Negotiate Differently: Recognize that men and women can negotiate differently and that is okay. You don’t have to be more aggressive or challenging to your boss. Use a firm, quiet, confident tone. State your position quietly, firmly, and do not back off from it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

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