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Ideas Into Reality

Our panel of entrepreneurial experts advise two aspiring moguls on their businesses and products

Investors, Loans or Crowd Sourcing?

Our panel of experts examine one entrepreneur’s business development strategy

Better Business Panel Chat

The experts share their secret weapon for acing any interview or business meeting

The Business of Bargain Hunting

Financial blogger from ‘She’s So Savvy,’ Tiffany Heimpel, reveals her business inspired savings tips

Saving for your Child’s Tuition

CIBC personal finance expert, Jamie Golombek discusses how parents can start saving for their children’s post-secondary education

Building your Budget

Personal finance expert, Kelley Keehn helps one viewer create a budget she can actually stick to and shares small savings that add up

Student Life Hacks

CIBC personal finance expert, discusses how university and college students can make the most out of their money

Set a Savings Goal

Financial expert, Kevin O’Leary, breaks down how to plan and achieve your savings target

Banking on the Run

Personal finance expert, Jamie Golombek discusses the convenience of banking on the go

Big Budget Dreams

CIBC personal finance expert, Jamie Golombek answers the most common financial questions from couples

Paying to Play

CIBC's Jamie Golombek reveals the financial challenges parents face to get their kids in sports

Money Wise Travels

CIBC's Jamie Golombek breaks down money saving tips for your upcoming voyage

The Toasty Tush Venture

“Shark Tank” star and businessman, Robert Herjavec, helps one entrepreneur take her product to the next level

What’s Your Mortgage Personality?

CIBC mortgage advisor, Al Ladha, discusses questions to consider before deciding on a fixed or variable mortgage

Pitching your Product

Double-duty mom/entrepreneurs get the help of experts, Sarah Richardson, Jamie Golombek and Amber MacArthur to revitalize their company

Finance Experts

Jamie Golombek

Jamie Golombek

CIBC Personal Finance Expert

Kevin O'Leary

Kevin O'Leary

Finance Expert

Attention Mom-preneurs!

Attention Mom-preneurs!

Are you a business woman or man with a great product or service, and want to take your company to the next level? If you have the next great business or product and want to compete for a cash prize, we want to hear from you! Email Business@Marilyn.ca with details on your company and product/service, your location, contact info & photo.

Having Buyers Remorse?

Having Buyers Remorse?

Have you bought a new home and need help dealing with buyer’s remorse? Is your mortgage up for renewal and you’re not sure what’s going to happen with interest rates? Send your questions to Finance@Marilyn.ca We may use your story on the show!