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The Best Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online

Financial expert Kerry Taylor shares how to make the most money when selling your stuff online

The Smartest Sales to Watch for This Season

'Frugalista' extraordinaire Tiffany Heimpel helps you stock up smarter by sharing the best sales to take advantage of this season

Bad Habits That Could Be Hurting You at Work

Canadian Living magazine’s Sandra E. Martin chats with Marilyn about bad habits hurting you at work

Kevin O’Leary Ranks the Best Jobs to Have In Canada Right Now

From switching careers or choosing one, Kevin O’Leary is here with his picks of the best jobs to have in Canada

Debbie Travis' Advice on Re-Entering the Workforce

Décor entrepreneur Debbie Travis shares her advice for stay-at-home parents looking to get back into the workforce

Weighing Business Risks with Robert Herjavec

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec sits down with Marilyn and chats about taking risks in business and your career

Kevin O’Leary Reveals Smart Money Moves You Should be Making

Kevin O'Leary reveals the smart financial decisions you should be making when the economy is being less than ideal

Shocking Ways to Shave Years Off Your Mortgage

Finance expert Kelley Keehn shows how to shave eight years off your mortgage term

How to Tell If You're Really Getting A Deal

Extreme couponing mom Aimee Geroux explains what in-store “deals” are worth the buy and what deals you should avoid

Kevin O’Leary Shares Unique Investment Opportunities

Kevin O’Leary reveals other ways to grow your money with his list of unique investment opportunities

'Get the Job' Makeover

Three Marilyn experts show two viewers how to “get the job” sharing business basics from fashion advice to website makeovers

Mom-Entrepreneur Advice

Our panel of business experts give one mom-entrepreneur advice on bringing her business to the next level

Taking a Business to the Next Level

Business experts Amber MacArthur, Sandra E. Martin, and Kelley Keehn give a mom-entrepreneur in the cosmetic industry advice on bringing her business to the next level

Winter Savings Challenge

Technology expert, Amber MacArthur, and home and design expert, Ramsin Khachi, compete to see who can save you the most money this winter

Four Steps to Successful Saving

Personal finance expert, Kelley Keehn, shares her four-step plan to save and grow your money

Finance Experts

Kevin O'Leary

Kevin O'Leary

Finance Expert

Attention Mom-preneurs!

Attention Mom-preneurs!

Are you a business woman or man with a great product or service, and want to take your company to the next level? If you have the next great business or product and want to compete for a cash prize, we want to hear from you! Email Business@Marilyn.ca with details on your company and product/service, your location, contact info & photo.

Having Buyers Remorse?

Having Buyers Remorse?

Have you bought a new home and need help dealing with buyer’s remorse? Is your mortgage up for renewal and you’re not sure what’s going to happen with interest rates? Send your questions to Finance@Marilyn.ca We may use your story on the show!