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“Style and the Successful Girl”

Celebrity stylist and author, Gretta Monahan, knows a thing or two about the importance of finding the right jeans. After years of working in clothing stores around Boston she’s a pro at identifying woman’s fit issues and helping them into the perfect pair. Four viewers were in need of some assistance finding the denim of their dreams and Gretta was just the right person for the job.

Carmen is a divorced mother of older children who has had a tough year and needs a change to look her best. She’s been wearing the same ill-fitting jeans for twenty years which have helped to hide her “mom belly” but fail to accentuate her assets.

Nancy is a petite woman who has a hard time finding jeans that actually fit her frame. The jeans she normally goes for have high rises, but they create excess bulk in the crotch area and often appear saggy. She wants something that fits and is age appropriate.

has got the kind of body that every woman envies and that looks great in almost anything. Her biggest problem is that she is stuck in a dated style rut and needs the help of an expert stylist to break out of her comfort zone. Her current style has too much flare and fabric for her lean shape, plus they’re too short.

is an apple shape and loves to show off her slim legs. To do so she normally grabs pull-on jeggings and pairs them with a long top. Unfortunately, this combination makes her look top heavy and awkwardly proportioned. She wants something that will suit her curvy shape and highlight her legs


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Friday, November 8, 2013

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