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Booty-licious Jeans

There is nothing worse than a pair of jeans that don’t flatter your behind. Stylist, Natalie Sexton, helped four women solve their jean-butt dilemmas; hopefully everyone’s next shopping trip will be a little more successful!


Problem: Ill-fitting jeans that is too tight on her behind.

Natalie’s Solution: A high-waisted style prevents “spillage” because it skims her curves, whereas low rise styles cut her seat in half and create muffin top. A medium wash with simple pockets that is slightly higher set give her an instant butt lift.

Shirt, H&M, $29.95
Bracelet- H&M, $12.95
Necklace-H&M, $17.95
Bag- H&M, $29.95
Jeans- H&M, $29.95
Shoes- H&M, $59.95


Problem: She’s petite so her curves and bum gets lost in some jeans. Since she has thin legs she finds it hard to find jeans that fit in all places, especially her butt!

Natalie’s Solution: Denim with slightly oversized pockets create the illusion of a curvier backside. Contrast colour stitching on the pockets make her booty pop, while the wide-set pockets add volume in her seat.
Another important factor is to avoid styles made of heavy, stiff denim with no stretch; they will just pancake your tush - aim for 2-5% spandex.

Top, Suzy Shier, $24
Jacket, Suzy Shier, $38
Earrings, H&M, $9.95
Bracelet, Old Navy
Jeans, Old Navy, $24.95
Purse, H&M, $29.95
Shoes, H&M, $39.95


Problem: Her curvaceous behind has prevented her from wearing jeans for more than a decade! Jeans accentuated her strong thighs and over emphasized her bottom making it appear wider than it is.

Natalie’s Solution: Avoid small back pockets that unnecessarily emphasize the seat. Larger back pockets are important here, because you don't want to have too much negative space. There’s no need to add more bulk to the booty so avoiding embellishments or flap pockets was key.
Her bum needs more structure, so 2% spandex is just right and will prevent excessive stretching. Essentially it is important her to lift and minimize the tush which is best accomplished with cleaner, simpler denim.

Jeans, Guess, $128


Problem: A hard time finding jeans that would give her backside some lift.

Natalie’s Solution: Jeans in a lighter wash with strategically placed fading through the bum of her jeans create the illusion of more volume in her booty. Denim with some stretch is key here since you don't want your jeans to bag out in the seat. Wide-set pockets break up the seat and help define roundness.

Top, Old Navy, $26.94
Jeans, Old Navy, $44.50
Necklace, Old Navy, $14.95
Shoes, H&M, $39.95
Bag, H&M, $29.95


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Tue 30 Marilyn’s Big Little Experts! 
Wed 31 The latest fitness trends