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Makeover Checkup

Last August, our special guest, Clinton Kelly, gave Stephanie a makeover she was in desperate need of. Stephanie was a former model who never had to worry about her hair, makeup, nails or dressing herself. She would show up in sweats to her job and everything would be taken care of, she wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

However, when she had her first baby she retired from the world of modeling to be a full-time mom and was lost without the pampering she received as a model. She would wear sweats or clothes that didn’t fit her right. Her hair was a messy mane and makeup was a mystery to her. Plus, she had an unhealthy love affair with her pink puffy house robe that she wore almost everywhere, which we had the pleasure to dispose of (a favour that her hubby will forever be grateful for).

Clinton was the perfect person to show her what not to wear and teach her how she could be cute and comfortable at the same time.  He gave her some great tips to help update her non-existing style.

Shortly after her makeover, Stephanie became pregnant with her second son, this could have tossed her back to her sloppy style ways, but it didn’t. 

Stephanie now finds it really fun to go shopping to pick our clothes that are staples, instead of buy a t-shirt in ten different colours. She understands that quality is always better than quantity and now takes the time to get ready before heading out.

“Looking back I don’t regret dressing horrible because I would have really missed out on the opportunity to be on the ‘Marilyn Denis Show,’” says Stephanie, who is really appreciative to have learnt lessons that she now applies to everyday life.

Friday, November 23, 2012