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Look for skirt & dress alternatives for active kids throughout the holidays

All of Tia’s items are available at www.gapkids.ca
Cardigan, $42.95
Blouse, $26.95
Sequined jumper, $58.99
Clog boot, $54.95
Scarf, $19.95
Mitts, $16.95
Grey Tights,  $14.95


Infuse fashion with personality throughout the holidays

Plaid Jacket, Joe Fresh $24
Zip-up festive knit top, Joe Fresh $24
T-shirt, Joe Fresh $8
Skinny Jeans, Joe Fresh $19
Shoes, Joe Fresh $24


Blend traditional formal elements with playful components

Hat, Old Navy $14.94
Knit Zip-up, Old Navy $22.94
Dress shirt & bow-tie, Old Navy $22.94
Coloured, adjustable cords, Old Navy $19.94
Boots, Old Navy $19.94


Invest in timeless, classic holiday looks to pass on as tradition

Dress, Brooks Brothers, $175
Tuxedo Shell, Brooks Brothers, $115
Mini-heel Party Shoes, Walmart $12.50


With babies, consider comfort, agility and trends

Coat, Old Navy, $19.94
Sweater, Old Navy, $22.94
Vest, Old Navy, $19.94
Cords, Old Navy, $16.94
Metallic Shoes, Old Navy, $11.94

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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