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Fashion Expert Alexis Honce gives a lesson on proper bra measurement and demos some top fits for different busts.  Not only does a proper-fitting bra make you look slimmer and feel more comfortable but it is safer for your body/back and breast tissue.
If shopping for bras online or before heading into a store, one of the best tools is to know your own measurement.  Alexis recommends this international bra calculator to make shopping for any brand that much easier:
When it comes to bra shopping, it is common for bras to vary in size/shape depending on their brand.  Here is a chart that outlines standard differences so you can get an idea of how sizes might vary.
Cup Size US UK
A 0.6" - 1.5" 0.1" - 1.0"
B 1.6" - 2.5" 1.1" - 2.0"
C 2.6" - 3.5" 2.1" - 3.0"

nb: measurements are expressed (in inches) as bust size minus adjusted band size

To measure, wear a light bra (even if it’s ill-fitting) and start by measuring directly around your rib cage.  This measurement should feel snug against your skin and should lie right around where the lower band of your bra sits.  For most stores and sizes, if you show an even number in inches (say 34) add 4 inches to get the proper band width (so 38).  If it is an odd number, add 5 inches (34 becomes 39).
Then you want to measure around the fullest part of your bust.  This should again feel firm but not squish you in any way.  If the two sizes are the same (so now 38 and 38) you would be an A cup.  If it is one inch larger than the band size (38 -39) you would be a B cup and onward.  
So a model with a band size of 31 would be: 36 
If her full bust size is 39 should we be a 36D 
You shouldn’t be able to pull more than 2-inches away from your body when you tug on the back band.  The back band provides most of the support so make sure it is accurate and fitting properly. 
Underwire should be behind the breast and not pushing out at the front.  And your cups shouldn’t create any bulge over the fabric.
Product Info: 

Model One: 
For a little lift and shape, I selected La Vie En Rose, The Essential Bra $35.95
Made in revolutionary 3D foam that is not only extremely light but also breathes very well thanks to the manufacturing process of the knitted 3D foam. The wider cushioned straps offer extra comfort by reducing pressure on the shoulders


Model Two:

For those who often battle back bulge, I selected the Wonderbra W1903. The bra. The lightly padded, wide straps alleviate shoulder stress and prevent dig in.  Light and airy inside support provides shaping at sides and under bust versus all over cover. It also provides wire-free support.

Model Three:

For smaller busts, I selected the Calvin Klein Push Positive bra.
This is an innovative push-up bra that features a butterfly shape and flexible, lightweight plastic wire.  It provides a youthful lift and all-day comfort. The effortless, minimal style is designed with sleek, seamless cups for a natural, flawless fit under clothes.

Model Four: 

For those who are well-endowed and often end up with back strain or saggy breast, the Hanes Bali Back-Smoothing Bra is a great option.  The Bali helps minimize bust projection and the cups over full coverage.  Lightly padded with adjustable, comfortable straps the Bali prevents show through. $38

Friday, January 11, 2013

Coming Up

Tue 30 Marilyn’s Big Little Experts! 
Wed 31 The latest fitness trends