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The Lazy Girl's Guide To Flawless Entertaining

Summer entertaining can be a lot of fun! However, it can also be stressful and get rather expensive. With a few tricks and changes your party can change from an ultra expensive event to one that's nicer on your wallet. Vijaya is here with some of her best summer entertaining hacks that will help you save time and money when you host your next get-together. 

Stove Top Potpourri 
When guests enter your home you want it to be inviting. It can get expensive to buy fresheners and candles, plus the scents can be over powering. With this stovetop potpourri you can create a nice smell that won't leave your guests gasping for air.
Fill a pot with 2 cups of water, and add 2 limes, sliced, 3-4 sprigs of fresh thyme, ½ tsp mint extract, 1 tsp vanilla and let it simmer for 5-10min.
There are plenty of other herb combos you can make so it’s customizable. After letting it simmer you can just place it in an open mason jar or decorative bowl and leave it in places where you are entertaining.
Clean And Easy Snack Bowls 
At a party you may want to lay out bowls of snacks, but you might not have enough bowls, or hate washing them all when the night is over. Cut chip bags long ways so that people aren't reaching deep into the bag. Another alternative is to create a chip bowl by doing the "roll up from bottom" method. When your party is done, you’ll be able to just toss the “bowls” rather than having to wash them. Party snacks are now a simple and easy clean up.
Bug Free BBQ 
Fresh herbs are your best friend when it comes to summer entertaining. Adding sage to your bbq can create a smokey flavor that can infuse your food, but placing them on top of the charcoal can also keep the bugs away at a bbq. Bugs can often be a big problem when you’re doing outdoor entertaining, but this hack will make sure your guests have great flavoured food and none of those pesky bug bites.
Perfect Non-Stick Grilling
Nothing’s worse than preparing an amazing meal and then having it stick and break apart on your grill. Impress your guests with a perfect meal by grilling your chicken or fish on top of citrus fruits like lemon/oranges to add flavour to dishes and also prevent it from sticking. Easy setup, easy clean up and it's tasty.
Condiment Caddy
Use a muffin tin as a condiment caddy for your next burger bbq party. Having all these jars of condiments can crowd your table and some can go missing if one guests decides to take the ketchup with them and forgets to bring it back. This solves all of that! It’s a great space saver and convenient for guests. Also, another great hack when building your burger is to dress it upside down. The top bun is way thicker than the bottom which can support of the condiments which will prevent it from falling out.
Speedy Dessert
Dessert can become a hassle to make, especially with all the measuring cups you need, bowls, tools, ingredients and the list goes on. Sometimes when you’re entertaining you want a dessert that’s easy to make, quick and something that can feed multiple people without burning a hole in your pocket. This one avoids all that. You just take some melted chocolate and an ice cube tray. You pour some chocolate into the ice cube tray and then insert a strawberry. You put that in the fridge and when you’re ready you just pop them out and you have chocolate covered strawberries…a crowd favourite.

For more great summer entertaining hacks, watch these videos!

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Fri 26 Beauty products that work quickly to get you ready faster