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Bryce Wylde informs us on how we can possibly predict the future of our health with a simple test that breaks down your gene structure. We have the ability to modify genetic expression when it comes to such common health issues as obesity, cardiovascular health like inflammation and immune functions.

To test for if you have a high risk of obesity ask you doctor to do BDNF or TFO/FTO test. If you have the gene it’s because your brain is not communicating and you end up eating more, craving refined foods. For cardiovascular health test for the CRP gene that indicatate if you are predisposed for mounting or rising in CRP resulting in high cholesteral which packs itself in areas of inflammation. This causes blockages in your arteries to form that causes heart disease.  It will also help your immune function by assisting in creating a balance diet.

Although this test is expensive it could add years to your life because you will better understand the things you need to do to be health, including the foods to eat and the exercises to perform, specifically designed for your genetics.  The test is a simple swabbing of the mouth and once it has been broken down it will tell you what you need to do to stay healthy, giving you a blue print to your genetic density.

Bryce Wylde
Alternative Health

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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