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Tackling the Play Room

Every parent has kids who don't clean up their toys - its one of the first jobs / chores all children get. 

Checklist for Parents Trying This At Home: 

Rule #1: The kid's play room should only have enough toys in it that they could clean the whole thing up alone in about 5 minutes.

 * That means, we should involve the kids in going through the items in the play room and instead of threatening to throw them out if you don't pick them up - simply create a storage space in a closet / garage that becomes your own personal " lending library" - so instead of always having 15 puzzles out and messed up -- only 2 puzzles are out this week the other 13 are in storage and once a week they can swap two puzzles out of storage.   Repeat same idea with connector sets, riding toys etc.

Rule #2: Everything needs a home - good bins and shelves that allow kids to put things away easily and they see everything has a place / home.  

Rule #3: TTFT stands for "take time for training"  Work with the kids to show them how to clean up, and where everything goes and what you mean by "clean"  ( otherwise kids do a half ass job and mom just "finishes" the cleaning - also bad form!

Rule #4: Decide on when clean up happens and when "swap day" is - mark it down on a calendar and be consistent 

Rule #5: Make it fun - add music, wind them up like a toy that has to get all the clean up done before their spring unwinds etc...

Rule #6: Accountability - without fighting or giving in!    Enforce their responsibilities and make them accountable for their jobs by being sure nothing else happens until the clean up is done --- but instead of an ultimatum or threat - we are just the enforcer of the schedule the children have already agree to keep "First we clean - then we eat"  or " WHen the play room is clean then I know you are ready for dinner" replaces " If you don't clean up - no supper!" which is a threat.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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