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Suzanne Somers' "Explosive" Anti-aging Secrets

By: Christina Yonzon, Marilyn.ca

Suzanne Somers has a knack for writing books on health and wellness. Her twenty-third book, ‘Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging’ hits shelves on May 8. “I want to make aging aspirational,” she tells Marilyn. In her book, Somers shares new information on the future of medicine and how it will positively affect the dreaded passage of aging. One “bombshell” secret she talks about is regrowing her breasts (that she lost to cancer years ago) from her very own stem cells. She rejected the idea of implants, and so she opted for this Japanese procedure instead. While there’s no way of turning back time and erasing past health mistakes, Somers assures us that her new book shares ways to still age gracefully. “This book is going to tell you how to win. There are expensive things to do and there are inexpensive things to do.”



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Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging

Are you ready to rethink and redefine your approach to aging? Learn how to go from dreading it to making it the greatest passage of your life! Read an exerpt from Suzanne Somers latest book.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


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