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Diane Keaton Fashion Icon

By: Violetta Holl, Marilyn.ca
Diane Keaton is known as an acting legend, Oscar winner, fashion icon and role model for women of all ages.  At 66 she is a spokesperson for L’Oreal, representing the Age Perfect line. Her role in “Something’s Gotta Give,” resonated with many women her age and older, and thus lead her to become the face of the beauty company. 
In the movie she plays a character who falls in love for the first time in her fifties. Her love interest, played by Jack Nicholson, is a playboy who usually goes for young women, but becomes absolutely enamored by Keaton’s character.  Keaton was even brave enough to appear nude on screen, which she has done only once before and this time around she was in her late fifties. 
“I really feel I deserve an award, because I think I’ve kissed more men that anyone,” jokes Keaton. She begins to list all the acting legends she has smooched on screen. “I loved them all,” she laughs. She does add that she has missed out on some, “Here is the number one I want. He’s a little younger than I am, just a tad, not much. Ryan Gosling!” 
One of her onscreen and off-screen beaus was Warren Beatty, who often referred to her as a late bloomer. “I’m slow to do everything. I can walk fast, but I don’t think fast,” she explains. 
Some may refer to Keaton as a late bloomer because she took a while before becoming a parent. Currently, she is a mother to a 16-year-old daughter named Dexter and an 11-year-old son named Duke. 
Both of her children are swimmers. Dexter is even a junior Olympian. “In the morning you have to get up at 4:30 and you go to practice,” she says. The car has become her office during these times. “I am in the back seat with the seat warmer, which is the greatest thing ever. You live here in the cold. I don’t know how you could live without a seat warmer in your car.” 
Perhaps the cold weather may not appeal to Keaton, but Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market certainly does. “That is the most beautiful market I have ever seen,” she notes. She admits she bought a dress and some pajamas for Dexter at a nearby Joe Fresh, even though her daughter has a dissimilar fashion taste to her own.  
The pajamas have polka dots on them, which is one of Keaton’s signature looks along with other classic elements such as hats. “I am the only person who wears them though. I feel like I must be a little nuts. Frankly, I think it frames your face. It hides what you don’t want anyone to see and it highlights what you like."
Hats were a big part of Annie Hall, a role that launched her a fashion role model.  Her character in that film wore 1970’s Soho based fashion, including vintage men’s clothing, neckties, vests, and baggy pants. 
“ I just wore what people were wearing on the street, and I got to pick what I wanted to wear. That was a first. Usually they had designers who really engineered and made clothes for you. I said, ‘No, let’s go shopping,” which is something I enjoy by the way."
She even went shopping down Rodeo Drive for her own outfit to wear to Oscars at that time.  “You might say that was a mistake,” laughs Keaton. “ I didn’t have stylist as you could tell.”  Despite the Keaton’s comment the outfit became legendary. 
When is comes to Keaton’s style and beauty it’s all about balance and not taking yourself too seriously. “Don’t spend too much time on yourself. You don’t want to get carried away because then what happens is you are so obsessed with yourself it’s a dead end.”
Keaton’s next project is called, “The Big Wedding.” Here she got to kiss Robert De Niro. “It still happens at 66.”

About Violetta Holl (marilyn.ca)

Violetta Holl is The Marilyn Denis Show’s Web Journalist.
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Diane Keaton


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