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Mike and Sarah are from Petrolio, ON. They are a young married couple with two young girls. Sarah’s sister nominated them for a makeover because see feels that they have sacrificed their style for comfort and wants to see them go from grungy to glossy.
Most of Sarah’s time is dedicated to what is most important to her, her family. On the side she is a natural light photographer. Mike is a firefighter in Sarnia; some might say Sarah fell in love with the uniform.
They lead very busy lives, too busy to realize they are committing fashion crimes. Sarah’s wardrobe consists of lots of t-shirts, hippy dresses with loud patterns and her favourite cowboy boots. Mike wears mostly plaid.
Although all the guys at Mike’s work are enjoying a big laugh at Mike's expense, Sarah is excited for her husband to see her all dressed up. However, we think Sarah will like what she sees when Mike’s new look is revealed.

Sarah Before

Mike Before

Friday, March 16, 2012