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Fashion guru, Carson Kressley, answers some of your style questions.

Hi Carson, I love wearing dark jeans, but I always find that they fade quickly. What is the best way to wash jeans without losing their colour? 

A great way to keep the colour is to wash your jeans in cold water and turn them inside out.

I have been invited to a formal, black tie wedding next month and I have nothing to wear. Is it appropriate to wear an evening, floor length gown? Too much?

If it is an evening wedding a formal gown or cocktail dress should be just fine.  The only caveat is that you don’t want to outshine the bride so make sure it is no where close to white!  Also more casual, modern accessories can tone down the dresses formality.  Maybe a strappy sandal, a bold cuff or a snakeskin clutch will do the trick.

I’m trying to be budget friendly this season. So what is the ONE must-have trend?

The one must have trend is color.

I first want to say Marilyn I love your show, and Carson I love your style. I am 43 years old with an hour glass figure. I wear a size 14-16 jean. My problem is finding the right jean that fits properly. We have a slim selection of places to shop in Sydney for that perfect fit. I am young at heart but I like to have all parts covered, and at the same time need to get with the up to date fashions. I spend most of my time in sleep pants or gym pants because they are comfortable. I'm single and that's not helping that situation either...lol. Carson PLEASE HELP ME FIND THE PERFECT, STYLISH, JEAN

For great fitting jeans they have to fit in three key areas:  waist , thigh and butt.  To achieve this, a jean with some Lycra should work.

Hi Carson! Love watching you on TV!!!! I love the floral print trend that is huge this season, but I am a petite and busty gal (5’1 and I’m a 36D! I know, not ideal, right!?!?!?!). How can I wear print without it being too overpowering? I don’t want to look like a table cloth!

If you are busty and want to wear floral trend this season, try wearing it on the bottom of the body - floral jeans or a floral pencil skirt.  Since you are busty keep the top "quiet" by using a dark, non embellished blouse.  

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