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The Latest Potty Training Products


  • Kiddyloo is the sturdiest potty trainer on the market 
  • Kiddyloo fits all standard toilets 
  • Kiddyloo legs are height adjustable 
  • Kiddyloo step has 2 height positions 
  • Kiddyloo great for copying mommy and daddy. 
  • Kiddyloo easy to clean, easy to use, easy to store. 
  • Kiddyloo handles on both sides comfy to hold on to 
  • Kiddyloo is from 18 months +
Prince Lionheart Potty POD
Soft, Cushiony Comfort for Training Time™
Removable bowl and deflector shield make for easy clean-up. pottyPOD™ helps create a hassle-free potty experience that makes potty training easier for you and your child. Because it looks similar to a real toilet and is familiar to your child the pottyPOD™ makes the transition from a potty seat to a grown-up toilet easier.
Prince Lionheart  weePOD® basix
Soft, cushiony seating surface is comfortable and gives Toddler a sense of security during training time.

  • Built in splash guard

  • Attaches securely with suction cups
  • Easy to remove and wipe clean

  • Stands upright when not in use
Bambino Mio Potty Training Kit
  • Lightweight and compact in shape
  • Secure handle at rear
  • Easy clean surface
  • High front to prevent splashes 
Boon Potty Bench
Let's get this potty started! Cartoon versions of grown-up toilets don't make kids want to use the potty. They make parents want to throw out tacky baby products. We went for modern, subtle and smart. Boon's Potty Bench has two enclosed side storage spaces perfect for books, training supplies and wipes. The sturdy drawer slides out for fast, leak-free, easy clean-up. Close the lid and the whole thing turns into a large step stool. It even comes with a built-in toilet paper holder and removable, soft deflector shield that flexes where it counts.
My Carry Potty
My Carry Potty was invented and designed by a mum for mums, to help with the challenges of potty training
  • Made from high quality, durable plastic
  • Assembly free and ready-to-go
clip shut lid – completely leak and odour-proof
  • No disposable bags – better for the environment
It makes sense to tackle potty training as soon as you think your child is ready to start, but many parents tend to put it off because it can be inconvenient, especially when you're always on the move
The Cheer for Me! Potty
There’s a fun clicking sound when you push down the handle. There’s even a toilet paper holder. With songs to learn and encouraging phrases and sounds to discover, the Cheer for Me! Potty really does make potty training fun! Because it looks similar to a real toilet, it encourages kids to make the transition to the grown up “potty”. Requires 3 AA batteries.
Better for Baby…
  • Songs and sound effects reward success and provide motivation for return trips. 
  • Realistic elements of potty encourage transition to grown-up toilet. 

Better for Mom… 
  • Bowl removes for easy cleanup. 
  • Can be used on a regular toilet seat to help with transition
Ducky Fun 3 in 1 Potty
Toddlers starting the training process love reinforcements and character friends that make them want to try again and again. And you’ll love this potty gives you three products in one! A little ducky friend to visit, and music and sounds when they’re successful. As your little one grows, he can take the ducky fun to the grownup toilet, then use it as a stepstool! Requires 3 AA batteries.

Weight limit: 100 lbs. (45.4kg)

Better for Baby

  • Friendly ducky character makes potty training more inviting.

  • 3-in-1 makes for easy transition to grownup toilet.

  • Music rewards success and motivates return trips.

Better for Mom

  • Easy-clean bucket.

  • Ducky character appeals to girls or boys.

  • 3-in-1 value—use it as a stepstool after potty training is complete!
Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty
Potty training is much more fun with a froggy friend! The adorable little green guy is easy for little ones to get on or off independently. The removable bucket makes for easy cleanup! 

Better for baby
  • Friendly froggy character makes potty training more inviting.
  • Seat handles make toddlers more comfortable. 

Better for mom
  • Easy-clean bucket.
  • Seat handles make it easy to move potty around the bathroom
Bambino Mio Training Pants
  • Designed especially for toddlers when potty training
  • Promotes independence with pull-up style design
  • Cotton blend with waterproof layer and inner pad for super absorbency
  • The waterproof layer allows toddlers to feel wetness while minimising accidents
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • 11-13 kgs (24-29 lbs)
  • 13-16 kgs (29-35 lbs)
  • 16+ (35lbs+)
  • Available in White, Pink and Blue
Pampers Easy Ups
  • Helps potty training make sense during the day and protects against leaks at night
  • Training pants designed for toddlers or preschoolers ready for potty training (18+ months old)
  • Holds 25% more* than the other leading training pant. He can wear them day or night
Huggies Pull Ups – Cool Alert 
  • Cool Alert® Training Pants feel cool within seconds of becoming wet, to help your youngster learn to stay dry.
  • Available in: 2T–3T 18–34lbs/8–15kg 3T–4T 32–40lbs/15–18kg 4T–5T 38–50lbs/17–25kg

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


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Tue 02 Veep actress Anna Chlumsky
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