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The do’s and don’ts on how to style your kitchen like a pro: 

Do: Introduce a colorful statement piece like a cobalt blue Kitchen Aid mixer or a fire engine red toaster to liven up the counter.
Don’t: Leave rarely used items like small appliances out on counter tops. It will make your kitchen feel disorganized and cluttered.   
Do:  Remember the rule of multiples when accessorizing your counter space; always group items in odd numbers (1,3,5,7 ….) It is much more pleasing to the eye.
Don’t: use decorative elements that are not relative to the rest of your kitchen décor. If your kitchen is rustic and casual for example do not introduce formal delicate accessories. 
Do: Vary the height of your display for optimal visual interest.
Don’t: Line everything up in a row. It is static and uninteresting.
Do: Flood the space with lighting designed for different functions such as under cabinet task lights, pendant lighting over the island, tasks lighting at a chef’s desk, over head pot lights and a fabulous fixture over the table. Put everything on dimmers so that you can control the light levels and create a little drama.
Don’t: Skip on lighting. Kitchens should be bright and cheerful and have enough light to perform many different tasks. 
Do: Buy Pretty accessories in large quantities.  Try different styles and textures to see what works best in the space.
Don’t: leave counter tops void of personality. Think it through and avoid impulse buying which can result in a disjointed chaotic look.
Do: Display art work in your kitchen as you would in any other room in your house. A small canvas against the backsplash can brighten a corner and add a little colour.
Don’t: forget that the kitchen in prone to grease splatters and water splashes. Make sure any artwork you include in you décor is easily cleaned.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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