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How to clean different types of flooring 

Marble Floor:
**Use 2 bucket method.  One with warm water only and the other with water and ph neutral soap.  Use the bucket of warm water to rinse your mop each time.**
Marble is a very soft stone and easily damaged. Maximum care is required when cleaning marble floors.
With the softest brush attachment, first vacuum the floor. Once the surface is vacuumed, it is ready to be mopped. Before doing this, check to make sure that your mop head is free of debris.
Usually mopping the floor with water only is sufficient. Work on small areas at a time. Mop and thoroughly dry a small area before moving onto the next.
If there is sticky debris on the surface and wet mopping is insufficient, a solution of warm water and ph neutral detergent is safe for the surface.
Never use vinegar! 
Ceramic Tile:
**Use ph neutral soap and warm water to clean grout mix 3 parts peroxide and 1 part baking soda**
Most ceramic floors will be sealed. In this case, clean the floor by soft brush vacuuming and then washing the floor with warm water a and a ph neutral detergent.
Always remember to dry the surface.
To clean grout mix your baking soda and peroxide mixture in a bowl and then use a basting brush to clean.

Monday, February 6, 2012

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