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How to clean different types of flooring

Hardwood Floor:
**clean with warm water and vingear**
Always make sure that any furniture placed on hardwood floors has protector pads.
It is recommended that high traffic areas have area rugs to minimize wear and tear.
Before cleaning the hardwood, rugs or area rugs should be vacuumed first.
Once the rugs are vacuumed, vacuum the wood surface by using the soft brush attachment so as not to scratch the surface. Work your way starting from the area furthest away from the exit door of the room to the room exit.
Once the surface is vacuumed, you can mop the floor using a well-squeezed mop. Before doing so, check to make sure that the head of the mop is clean and free of any debris that may scratch the floor. Mop heads should be replaced as required.
In most cases a wood floor only needs to be wet mopped. Never flood a wood floor with water. The best mopping procedure is to clean small areas at a time. This means that the small area will be wet-mopped and dried before moving onto the next area.
Note: When moving furniture, always make sure that the floor is protected. Never drag furniture across the floor. Always work in teams to move furniture.
Note: While cleaning, if you notice anything unusual about the wood floor surface (stains, cracks, buckling, etc.), alert the homeowner. It might be that the humidity level for the house is either too high or too low. The ideal level for most wood floors is a humidity level between 40% and 50%.
Cork floor:
**use damp dusting formula with a microfiber mop and warm water.  If it’s really dirty you can use ph neutral soap.**
A cork floor is a very resilient surface, however, it requires different care than other woodfloors. Standing water will definitely stain a cork floor. 
To clean, first vacuum the floor using the soft brush floor attachment, then with a microfiber mop that is damp only with a solution of warm water and a ph neutral detergent, begin washing the floor
always dry as you work. Never flood a cork floor with water.

Products Used: 

Rubbermaid reveal spray mop, $29.99

Bissel steam & Sweep, $100

Monday, February 6, 2012

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