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Looking for honeymoon ideas that fit your personality? Travel expert, Pauline gives her top picks.

Sophisticated Foodie: Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is great for its nightlight, traditional cuisine, yet also modern molecular gastronomy. There’s something for every palette.

Adventurous: Belize
There are great activities for couples like spelunking, swimming with sharks and stingrays. Belize is great as you get added adventure with the Mayan Ruins.

Complete tranquility: The Islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
This is ideal for the couple who wants quiet. The international airport is not yet complete and thus the island is not bombarded with tourism, high rises, hotels, and cruises. The blue waters and white sandy beaches are the perfect spot for any couple that wants complete tranquility.

Canadian gem: Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

Budget friendly: Cruises
Cruises are still popular. Couples can enjoy quite a bit of entertainment for an affordable price. However, couples need to remember that cruises are not inclusive.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

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