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The Weight Loss Journey: Moving Forward

As you move forward on the weight loss journey  there is a point on the  journey when you find yourself looking forward and realize that you have stopped looking back at where you were, what you were going to lose, etc.   Once you realize that you are more on your way to somewhere terrific then connected to where you stared, you may stop for a second and ask:  What's my next S.T.E.P. ??????
Using the letters S, T, E, P, may be a helpful way to frame some new thinking for this point in time.

S. - Surprises and  successes are found along the way - stop and celebrate - especially the unexpected!
You might know what got you started; but now there are all kinds of surprises along the way to keep you going!.  Things you couldn`t do that suddenly you can; things you never know about yourself that you have just found out; feelings you lost or forgot about that are suddenly back!  Add this to the expected (weight amounts lost, clothing that fits, etc.) and you`re on the next part of the journey.  Success in the planned events and surprises to follow!
T. - Take one day at a time - make things manageable by making them into manageable units!
Forever feels too overwhelming – ‘Can I do this forever??’  Always easier to think ‘Can I do this today?’ Like most challenges, it is one day at a time, daily - break it down and it all seems quite manageable!
E. - Embrace Change - apparently the only constant is change!
Change is inevitable in every area of your life as you continue on the journey of weight loss and fitness.  Remember, change has both positive and negatives; - make sure you see the positives and build on them along the next part of the journey!  You have created change and now need to embrace the notion of change and re-write old stories and ideas you have about yourself and that others may have about you!
P. - Prepare for the long term - make it stick with new approaches to integrating changes and successes – consider this the new normal!
Now it is time to let go of some of the things you needed to get this far and prepare for the integration of changes with new routines and habits - think `new normal ‘and lots will come to mind.

No longer “give it a try” – today is about “make it stick!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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