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Jim's 6-Week Couples' Workout Plan

  1. Wall Squat – Normally you would use a wall as your resistance, but you can also use each other! This exercise works the lower body. 
  2. Side Plank – This one is side by side & it’s great because you can challenge each other to see who can hold the pose, the longest. This works your upper body & core.
  3. Alternating Stepping Lunges – This is fun because it’s like a chorus line. You can keep going to see who is going to give up first. This works your lower body & core. 
  4. Superman – Lie on the floor and lift your arms & legs off the ground, so you’re flying like Superman. This works your total body. 
  5. Back Row - You can use bands to increase the resistance for this exercise & work off of each other.
More tips on how to keep the pounds off after the wedding: 
  • Keep a well-stocked pantry. Having no food in the house can cause too many trips through the drive-through.
  • Plan meals ahead. Go to the grocery store with a list.
  • Focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables. It'll help your budget as well as ensure a healthy variety.
  • Watch portion sizes. Men are usually larger and require more calories than women, so portion sizes among couples shouldn't necessarily be equal.
  • Make exercise a part of your new life together. Take a walk after dinner, or learn a new sport as a couple.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce