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Save On Your Wedding

Top 10 Cost Saving Tips
  1. Hold the ceremony & reception in one location – Choosing a reception location with a separate garden or atrium to hold the ceremony can save you thousands.  Also holding everything in one location makes things easy and convenient for your guests. 
  2. Purchase the least expensive vendor package & upgrade later – When booking a vendor decide on a basic package to save money.  You are generally able to ‘upgrade’ if you have extra money at the end of planning but most vendors’ won’t let you ‘downgrade’ without being penalized….read the fine print.
  3. Hire a DJ instead of a band – Hiring a DJ can save you thousands of dollars instead of a full band. 
  4. Offer beer, wine & signature cocktail instead of full bar – Not having a full bar can easily save you thousands on an open bar.  Also get creative with your signature cocktail and don’t forget to choose a fabulous name!
  5. Ask your guests to RSVP through email – Instead of purchasing a RSVP card and postage for it to be retuned ask your guests to RSVP to an email address.  Also make a hotmail or gmail wedding email to personalize the email for the wedding. 
  6. Pick flowers which are in season – There are certain flowers which have a short season, i.e. tulips and peonies and can be very expensive if chosen during the off season.  Always ask your florist which are in season to save yourself hundreds of dollars.
  7. Book a rental car instead of a limousine – Booking a luxury vehicle can save you hundreds. The car can be rented for the day or the weekend depending on the package. Also hire a friend or family member to chauffer you.
  8. Rent centerpiece vases and candle holders – Instead of purchasing the vases and candle holders for each table, ask your florist or decorator to rent them.
  9. Hold a cocktail party reception – Instead of planning a reception with a sit down dinner hold a wedding cocktail party with food stations.
  10. Hire a wedding the wedding g planner – A planner can save you time, money & stress! Also each planner has a huge rolodex of vendors they use and generally these vendors offer the planner’s clients a discount which can save thousands in the end.  
Top 5 Hidden Costs
  1. Invitations/ postage stamps – Always remember to check with the post office to make sure the invitation will not cost extra to post.
  2. Wedding dress alterations – Check with the store what the average cost for alterations are before ordering.
  3. Cake cutting fee – some reception halls/hotels charge extra to cut the cake for your guests.
  4. Coat check – If you are not getting married during the summer months you will need to ask your reception facility if they charge for coat check
  5. Gratuity – Check with each vendor if a gratuity is expected.   

Hedi Allen, Today’s Bride

Monday, April 23, 2012

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