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5 tips on how to mix and match your bedding:

Forget matchy-matchy sets!

Gone are the days of the coordinating suite where everything matches perfectly.  Beak up your set for a more dynamic designer look.

Combine prints, solids, stripes and textures!
To build an interesting bedding story you must mix and match.  A pretty floral is kicked up by adding graphic stripes, while solids and textures balance the look and keep it from getting too crazy.

Layer It Up!
Think of your bed as a series of layers to keep it from being a dull single note.  The duvet is only the beginning; you can add interest with fun sheeting, shams, pillows and blankets or coverlets.

Remember the rule of thirds!
To make a magazine-worthy bed, think of highlighting each third appropriately.  The first third (near the headboard) is made up of pillows and shams.  The middle third is where your gorgeous duvet lives.  The final third is for some additional layer – either a throw, quilt or blanket.  For the best, most sumptuous results, you don't want to just see a sea of duvet!

Don't forget finishing touches!
Often people forget shams and bed skirts and it's the number one sin!  Bed skirts keep the look flowing from top of bed to the floor and hides your skeletons and dust bunnies!  Shams create a decorative layer, extra softness and provide a place to rest when reading in bed. These details are essential, so don't skip them!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce