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Make Dessert, Don’t Bake it

Pastry chef, Sarah Bell, shares two cool desserts, no oven needed!

Potted S’Mores with Maple Whipped Cream

Chef Michael Bonacini, turns a classic camp fire treat into a decadent grown up dessert

Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas

Chef Christine Cushing makes an easy no-bake dessert that’s the perfect cold and creamy treat

Baking Blunders

Pastry chef, Sarah Bell reveals a few ways to fix some common baking boo-boos

Treats for Every-bunny

Pasty chef, Allyson Bobbitt shares three tasty treats that the whole family will love

Which Spice is Right?

The five remaining chefs spin The Wheel of Spice to find out what spice they must incorporate

Day Two: The Judging

The competitors step up to present their doubled-up dishes for the judges

Mini Upside-Down Pineapple Carrot Cake

Challenge winner, Connie creates a flavourful twist on classic carrot cake

Beetroot Chocolate Cake

The latest “MasterChef Canada” eliminee returns with judge, Claudio Aprile, to make a redeeming dessert

Baking Tray Basics

Resident chef, Christine Cushing, answers all your bakeware related questions

Rocky Road Peanut Butter Bars

Pastry chef, Sarah Bell, shares an easy no-bake recipe that everyone is sure to love

Sunny Citrus Sweets

Pastry chef, Anna Olson shows us three recipes to make the most of the season’s tart and tasty fruits

Message in Cookie

Allyson Bobbitt from “Bobbette and Belle” makes a spin on a fortune cookie with a sweet message hidden inside

Black Forest Pie

Chef Shannon refashions the classic German dessert, Black Forest Cake, into the perfect pie

Gingerbread Family Faceoff

Two families have a baking showdown with the help of pastry chefs Bobbette and Belle. Plus, tips for a stress-free Christmas day