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Tara Ballantyne
Style & Food Editor
Style at Home Magazine
Bobbette & Belle Artisnal Pasteries
Tara's Food Styling Tips
  • Start with a great set of white dinner plates.  Think of your food like art – it will pop on a white canvas or background. Patterned detailed plates although pretty and fancy can actually take away from the look and presentation of the food.  If you don’t already have white plates consider purchasing ones with a wide rim or in a fun square shape that will work with your existing dinnerware.  Restaurants typically serve on white plates, for good reason. 

  • Your mom always told your to eat your vegetables! Think colour when planning your dishes and menu. Choose recipes that contain foods with lots of different colours – we have a lot to choose from here with veggies in beautiful bright greens, deep reds, and by making deep burgundy sauces… A great tip is to blanch veggies to keep their colour! Although you are looking to make a visually appealing dish, taste always trumps colour. Think of mixing textures and flavors (creamy, crisp and crunchy, salty, sweet) in order to get your best result!
  • Herbs are like the accessory to your meals.  Garnishes should be pretty, delicious, or functional. Steer away from the orange slices or parsley sprigs – yuck!

How to Perfectly Cut a Cake:
We are spending so much time and effort on purchasing or baking fantastic cakes and cupcakes these days….here’s how we do it.
Use a knife dipped in hot water and have a tea towel on hand. With each slice, dip the knife and clean any crumbs or frosting before you make the next slice. Apply constant pressure in a downward motion to slice desired thickness. Plate your cake! 
Using a shaker filled with cocoa, place a fork on a white plate. Dust over the fork, and remove – revealing the outline of a fork. Place slice of cake on plate and top with whipped cream or an edible flower!