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Hacks to Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

Food blogger Vijaya Selvaraju shares easy kitchen hacks to help keep your food fresher, longer.

Cheese Hack:
Smear a little bit of butter on the cut side of your brick of cheese to keep it fresher longer.
Storing cheese properly:

Wrap cheese in wax paper, and then place in a partially sealed plastic bag. The wax paper allows the cheese to breathe, while the plastic bag keeps enough moisture in to prevent it from drying out.
This will make soft cheese last several weeks, and hard cheese last several months. 
Storing Guacamole:
Transfer guacamole to Tupperware. Cover surface in approximately 1 cm of lukewarm water, cover with a lid and place in fridge for up to 3 days. This will prevent discoloration. Drain water before serving.
Storing bananas:
Wrap stems in plastic wrap, and store in fridge. The skins will become darker faster, but the fruit will ripen at a slower pace, allowing them to last longer.
This will make them last up to two weeks longer!
Storing berries:

Wash berries in a bath of 1 cup vinegar + 8 cups water before storing in an air-tight container in the fridge.
This will make your berries last up to two weeks longer! 

Keeping milk fresh: 
Add a pinch of salt to Milk/Cream to increase it’s shelf life.
This will keep it good two weeks past the expired date. 

Storing leafy greens:
Place Greens in a large re-sealable plastic container with a piece of paper towel. The paper towel will wick away the moisture that causes the greens to go bad quickly.
This will allow it to last at least a week longer than usual, possibly up to two weeks! 

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Tuesday August 2, 2016

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Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce