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Bitchin’ Kitchen’s Nadia G cooks up some Halloween chocolate you can really sink your teeth into.

Bacon Chocolate


• 6 slices maple cured bacon, minced
• 1 cup chopped good quality milk chocolate
• 1/2 cup Rice Krispies
servings:  6 to 8 easy


Fry the bacon in a medium-sized pan over medium heat until very crispy, 10 to 12 minutes. Drain the crisp bacon bits, and place on a paper towel to remove the excess grease. Pat with more paper towels; you want to remove as much grease as possible. Set aside and let them cool.


Melt the milk chocolate in the top pan of a double boiler over medium heat. When the chocolate is 80 percent melted, take it off the heat, and keep stirring until all the chocolate is melted and smooth.

Shkiaffing it Together

To the melted chocolate add the bacon bits and Rice Krispies. Delicately fold it all in. Pour the mixture into silicone molds and refrigerate for 2 or more hours to set.

Monday, October 31, 2011