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Proper etiquette for summer eating

Charles the Butler teaches us how to eat challenging summer foods from avocado to corn on the cob.


1. When the avocado is served on the plate, it will already be “dressed” this means it will be cut in half with a dressing already in the centre.
2. Keeping the avocado on the plate, hold the avocado with two fingers while using your spoon to scope out the flesh.  Remember to take a little vinaigrette with the avocado, it is absolutely delicious!

Corn on the Cob

This is one of those food items you should never see at a formal dinner party!  However, with family and friends for a casual meal it is very tasty and fun to eat. Hopefully little miniature prongs have been provided to hold the corn. If so, push one in at each end.  Place some butter on your plate, then butter and season the corn only a few rows at a time. Eat the buttered and seasoned rows slowly and neatly.  Remember this is not a race!

Baked Potato

There's two ways to eat a baked potato. Now the most important thing is that it really is important that we're going to use a fork and a knife through this process. Slice it into small little pieces, if you would, like a scalloped potato. Instead of making a surgical incision and splitting that thing, gizzard out. Go all the way down. 

Or, if you want you slice it down the centre. You got the knife positioned, exactly, all the way down, and now you're going for split it completely open.

Use your knife and fork eat one piece at a time or cut it right to left, or left to right whatever you choose.  

Monday, July 25, 2011