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Vintage Ornament Cookie


  • Royal Icing
  • A stencil (you can find one at your arts stores) 
  • Editable Gold Pains (Available at craft stores or cake decorating stores)
  • Small paint brush


  1. Pre-dip your cookie in Royal Icing. You can change the colour to whatever you prefer.
  2. Once Icing has dried lay your stencil on tops of the cookie. Take white Royal Icing and in smooth movements spread the icing over the stencil. You don’t want the stencil to move or you don’t want to add too much pressure when applying the icing because it might go under the stencil and ruin the design.
  3. Remove carefully and whatever icing that is hanging of the side remove with you finger so you get a nice, clean edge.
  4. Wait to dry, approximately 6 hours
  5. Once dry, apply editable gold paint to the stenciled white frosting to add that dramatic effect to your vintage ordainment cookie.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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