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The Cupcake Girls


Noelle Beauregard, Marilyn.ca

Best friends of twenty-two years and reality stars of ‘The Cupcake Girls,’ Heather White and Lori Joyce always dreamed of starting a business together. Ten years ago they did just that with the launch of ‘Cupcakes,’ a bakery specializing in baked goods. “Why cupcakes,” Marilyn Denis asked when she sat down with the reality stars. “It was the right idea, at the right time,” says Lori Joyce.

The inspiration for their business venture transpired after the devastating events of 9/11 when they worked at ground zero together. While in New York they visited the popular bakery, Magnolia, for a pick me up and were inspired. “With no baking experience, no business plan and no money,” these savvy Vancouver entrepreneurs dangerously dived into the cupcake business and turned their passion into profit. 

Heather and Lori shared their secrets to success with Marilyn hoping to inspire young entrepreneurs. They stressed the importance of understanding your strengths and weaknesses, building trust (comparing their business relationship to a marriage) and finding the right balance between life and work.  Although they disagree at times, they did agree on one thing from the start, “no marriage, no kids,” during their first five years in business. Their personal sacrifices have not only paid off but have strengthened their friendship too. They also told Marilyn that they are looking to open a new franchise, and it looks like Toronto might be their next stop!

Monday, April 2, 2012


The Cupcake Girls