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BFF Network Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners....

Marilyn's iTravel2000 Find Your Island Contst
Moiran Pasinato 

Marilyn’s Taste of Tuscany Contest
Doreen Turner

Marilyn’s Celebration Gift Guide Contest
Chris Wray

Marilyn's Fall Gear Contest
Marg Nicon

Marilyn's Tablet To-Go Contest
Ruth Pickering

Marilyn's Blend it Up Contest
Becky Lee

Marilyn's Be Connected Contest
Wayne Chow

Marilyn’s Summer Grilling Contest
Brian Lascelles

Marilyn’s Jumpstart Your Juicing Contest
Christine McDonald
Janet Fralic

Marilyn's Mother's Day Gift Guide Contest
Julie Harris
Sylvia Lee
Charlie Lamont

Marilyn's Splash into Spring Cooking Contest
Judith Boudreau

Marilyn’s Splash into Spring Garden Contest
Kellie Barnoski

Marilyn’s Splash into Spring Home Contest
Kira Krusky

Marilyn’s Splash into Spring Backyard Contest
Heather Hurren

Marilyn's Gifts for Everyone Guide
Sean Marshall

Marilyn's Best of Gift Guide
France Dufour

Marilyn's Hostess Gift Guide
Louise Nadon

Marilyn's Faves Gift Guide
John Ross Meehan

Marilyn's Family Gift Guide
Dawn Evans

Marilyn's Men's Gift Guide
Donna Rosychuk

Marilyn's Foodie Gift Guide
Lena Kloosterman

Marilyn's Women's Gift Guide
Laura Sawyer

Marilyn's Tech Gift Guide
Tammie Limon

Marilyn's Healthy Living Gift Guide
Kathy Reitlo

Marilyn's Kids Gift Guide
Nancy Watanabe

Marilyn's Hard to Buy for Gift Guide
Ron Hoorelbeke

Marilyn's Homeowner Gift Guide
Jacques Fournier

Marilyn's Family Fun - Disney on Ice Contest
Cindy Hamilton

Marilyn's Warm up to Winter Contest
Virginia Smith

Marilyn's Pasta Essentials Contest
Cynthia Thomas

Marilyn's Fall Faves Contest
Rebecca Harper

Marilyn's Fall Getaway Contest
J. Koost

Marilyn's Fresh Face Forward Contest
Elizabeth Caldwell

Marilyn's Mix it Up Contest
Anne Tobin

Marilyn's If the Shoe Fits Contest
Kathleen Franklin

Marilyn's Cooking Expert Quiz Contest
Morgan Russell

Marilyn's Spring it On Spring Cleaning Contest
Donna Bartsch

Marilyn's Spring it On The Great Outdoors Contest
Claudia Graham

Marilyn's Trendy Tote Contest
Celia Triemstra

Marilyn's Read on the Go Contest
Amy Andonian

Marilyn's Pretty and Pampered Contest
Sofa Krivoruk

Marilyn's Spring it On Outdoor Play Contest
Katherine Manuel

Marilyn's Spring it On Kitchen Gadgets Contest
Lena Brazil

Marilyn's Easter Eggstravaganza
Nancy Ferreira

Marilyn's Lazy Day Contest
Dawn Teal

Marilyn’s Warm Up Winter Contest
Marianne Charbonneau

Marilyn's Wake up & Win Contest
Maria Stoesz
Donna Bartsch

Marilyn's Womens Gift Guide
Gail O'Connell

Marilyn's Men's Gift Guide
Leslie Huston

Marilyn's Hosting Gift Guide
Sharon Briggs

Marilyn's Favs Gift Guide
Kimberly Norton

Marilyn's Foodie Gift Guide
Marilyn McKee

Marilyn's Pet Gift Guide
Andrew Gill

Marilyn’s Tech Gift Guide
Madeline Debergh

Marilyn’s Kids Gift Guide
Tracey Macoretta

Marilyn’s Homeowners Gift Guide
Nancy Yates 

Marilyn’s Halloween Sweet Tooth Contest
Jennifer Maddox

Marilyn's Versatile Vacuum Contest
Vanessa Furtado Sousa

Marilyn's Perfect Popcorn Contest
Milda Yoo
Sharon Tompkins

Marilyn's Costume Craze Contest
Ian Carrick

Marilyn¹s 10 Days Watch & Win Contest
Michelle Sawers
Mary Mancino
Karin Goegginger
Carmelita Hunter

Marilyn's Superphone Contest
Regina Bruce

Marilyn’s Father’s Day Gift Guide
Josie Scappaticci

Marilyn's Cook Like a Pro
Krystyna Tadman
Kristy Kipp

Marilyn's Grill it Up
Tamar Deveau

Marilyn's Spring Cleaning
Natalie Salloum

Marilyn's Juice and Blend
Dorothy Ho

Marilyn's Brew It Your Way
Harry Schultz

Marilyn's Home Decor Gift Guide
Debbie McNorton

Marilyn's Men's Gift Guide
Pauline Simms

Marilyn's Baking Gift Guide
Shona Gage

Marilyn's Host Gift Guide
Linda Milthorpe

Marilyn's Faves Gift Guide
Veronica Mallon-Dupuis

Marilyn's Pet Gift Guide 
Uma Wadhwa

Marilyn's Fashion & Beauty Gift Guide
Esther Howard

Marilyn's Tech Gift Guide
Theresa Denby

Marilyn's Kitchen Gift Guide
Ferechteh Arbabzadeh

Marilyn's Ultimate Gift Guide 
Michele Bisewski

Marilyn's Homeowner Gift Guide
Joseph Rossler

Marilyn's Kid's Gift Guide
Caroline Savard

Marilyn's Custom Designed Bag
Barry Cobill

Brew What's True to You
Deborah Marshall

Steam and Sweep
Azita Heidary

Shakeup Your Makeup
Ingrid Berto

Be Your Own Chef
Laura Mccreery

Stylish Shades
Suky Kooner

Jam On The Go
Ariel Chiu

So Bright Solar Light
Linda Chaput

Hair Be Gone
Ken Willie
Barbara Vernon
Belinda McNabb

Beautiful Bathroom Accents
Marg Currie

Make Your Own Spa
Janet Prampero

Sitting Eco-Pretty
Gina Fleury

Pamper Yourself
Bonnie McCleery

All Sewn Up
Gayle Bellemare

Turn Back Time
Anne Taylor

Splash of Colour
Ruth Pickering

Spring Beauty Bonanza
Tamar Deveau

Gaming on the Go
Leigh Peters

Weekender Contest
Sonni Ajayi

A Taste of Mexico
Tony Catajo

Vitamix Blender
Chanelle Xavier

Music to Your Ears
Mira Manojlovic

Cook by the Book
Martha Martin

Ganaoque Inn & Spa Prize Pack
Dominka Hanebach

Nestle Black Magic Chocolate Pack
Emma Bartlett

David's Tea Winter Collection
Emma Bartlett

Food Hydrator
Andrew Pollard

Canadian Tire Mini Tree
Johnson Tran
Amantha Saroufim
Veronica Blanche

Must-Haves Holiday Gift Guide
Linda McCormack

Men's Holiday Gift Guide
Nicole Banfield

Pets Holiday Gift Guide
Shirl Snelgrove

Kids Holiday Gift Guide
Judy Craig

Hostess Holiday Gift Guide
Scott Tunis

Fashion Holiday Gift Guide
Lynn Hanna

Home Decor Holiday Gift Guide
Lorraine Miller

Beauty Holiday Gift Guide
Irma Morrison

Tech Holiday Gift Guide
Janice Pike

Home Holiday Gift Guide
Jane Park

Winter Tires
Paresh Pandya

Nursery Makeover
Marie Martinez

Rowenta Fashion Week
Callista Dilecce

Get Closer" to Keith Urban Contest
Tammy Craibe - Cornwall, ON
Dawn Murphy - Mississauga, ON
Melanie Morgan - Winnipeg, MB
Mary Mceleney - Edmonton, AB
Angie Hunter - Calgary, AB
Alicia Hut - Nanaimo, BC

Lori Lever - Beaver Bank, NS

The Veggie Garden Challenge
Nara Schuler

Canadian Tire Update my Backyard Contest!
Zelda Middleton

Bench Get Outside
Lisa DeSantis

Nine West Step Out In Style
Cathy Morgan

Revlon Spring 2011
Kathryn Bruce

Rowenta "Runway Ready"
Lynne Gourlay

Baby and Kids Decor
Josie Scappaticci

Marilyn's Maids Bridesmaids Dresses
Cara Fournier

Joannie Rochette Heart Pendant and Necklace:
Barb Olson

$1000 Birks Gift Card
Deborah Laakso

Turbo Tax File in Style Survival Kit
Brenda Walker

Mark Lash Jewelry
Sharon Boshart

Lia Sophia Jewlery Contest:
Cheryl Penner

Ultimate Winter Survival Contest:
Lisa Christine-Wolverton

Kobo Digital E-Reader Contest:
Lynda Fraser
Martha Shire
Sandra Lacroix
Jody Heber

L'Occitane Gift Basket Contest: 
Teresa Olson

Hair Free Contest: 
Mary Harris 
Jill Steeves
Steven Chan

Father's Day Gift Guide:
Lisa Atfield
A. Wolfe

Sew Yourself Contest:
Moira Bolivar

Curl, Twirl, Give it a Whirl Contest:
Margaret Nixon

Simplify Cleaning Contest:
Wayne Searle

Coming Up

Fri 26 Beauty products that work quickly to get you ready faster