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The Importance of Fit in the Game of Hockey

Getting kids into sports can be pricey. When it comes to starting your kid out in hockey, should you buy brand new or used? Here are some tips on where to save and where we should splurge from Hockey Canada’s Todd Jackson. 


Before you Buy

You don’t have to buy brand new, there’s plenty of great equipment that is used, but you need to keep these 3 points in mind when buying, it will determine whether you buy brand new or used. You want to ask yourself:
  • Does it fit?
  • What’s the protective quality? Is there breakdown in the equipment that could cause it to lose its ability to protect the area it’s meant to protect?
  • Has the equipment been maintained? 

Be Informed

You need to be informed. And if you’re buying new, talk to the sales associate at the sports store, they know their stuff. 
If buying used do some research and look for tips in the Hockey Canada equipment guide available at www.hockeycanada.ca
  • Don’t buy skates to grow into. Make sure they fit. 
  • If you’re buying used, you want to make sure the blade is not worn down and that the boot is in good shape, for example the toe of the skate is not cracked and all the eyelets are in place 
  • Fit pants with the shin pads in place
  • Make sure pant legs reach the tops of the shin pads and slightly overlap
  • Having correct position of the rib, hip, thigh and kidney padding is important

Inner Protective Gear
  • Inner protective gear are things like shin pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads, the jock or jill strap. You want to make sure the inner padding is in good shape and that nothing is cracked. If the inner padding is hard and brittle you may not want to purchase that piece of equipment . Ensure the pads protect the areas they are meant to protect. For example the shoulder “pad” should sit on the shoulder and not push forward

  • If you’re buying used, you want to ensure that the palm of the glove is in good shape 
  • Ensure gloves are not too big for the players’ hands. 
  • Be sure to dry out your gloves after every session
Neck Guards
  • Neck guards help protect a player from getting injured from a cut by a skate. 
  • Ensure the neck guard is BNQ certified and that it is always in good shape. 
  • Never alter or change the neck guard to make it more comfortable for the player to wear

  • Helmets and facial protectors are something you want to buy new. And you always want to maintain. If there is anywhere you want to spend a little more money its here
  • Always check for the CSA sticker (and don’t take it off). Safety is important and you want good quality equipment when it comes to keeping your kids safe. Being CSA certified you know you are getting a helmet that meets a minimum standard of protection. 
  • Helmets do not prevent concussions. It is important to be educated about concussions. Hockey Canada has an app (www.hockeycanada.ca/apps) that educates parents and kids on symptoms, prevention, when to follow up if you’ve had a previous concussion.  

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Tue 23 Easy, distressing techniques to give your space a chic & relaxed vibe
Wed 24 The latest products to help keep you safe at home