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Household Cleaning

Active Wear Life Span

Melissa Maker of ‘Clean My Space’ walks us through care instructions for our gym essentials

Cleaning your Hockey Gear

Melissa Maker of ‘Clean My Space’ shares tips for cleaning out your hockey gear as the season winds down

So That’s How you Clean It?

Melissa Maker of ‘Clean My Space’ showcases DIY cleaning products and solutions

Whip Your Home into Shape

Eco expert, Candice Batista, reveals the hottest spring cleaning and organizing products

Holiday Clean Sweep

Design expert, Amanda Forrest, shows us how to get our homes holiday ready; out with the old and in with the holidays!

The Latest Laundry Essentials

"House & Home’s" Lynda Reeves shares her must-have laundry gadgets with us

Dirt Hiding in your Home

Charles the Butler puts one viewer’s home through the ultimate white glove test and uncovers the filth hiding in your homes

The Dirt on Grime

Charles the Butler provides helpful tricks for finding and cleaning your home’s most stubborn grime

Two-for-One Cleaning

Charles the butler shows the best two-for-one everyday household items that will keep your house & wardrobe fresh and clean

The Latest Laundry Essentials

'House & Home's’ Lynda shares her must-have laundry gadgets with us

Spring Clean your Closet

Professional organizer Peter Walsh advises one lucky viewer on how to organize her closet

Re-organize your Home Office

Professional organizer Peter Walsh helps one viewer clean and properly organize her home office/guest room

How to Clean Electronics

Charles the Butler reveals the proper way to clean your electronics and other home office items

Spring Cleaning your Kid's Room

Babycentre lifestyle and trend expert, Laurie Gelman, offers tips on how to spring clean your child's room

Spring Clean your Garage

Professional organizer, Peter Walsh, helps one family organize their garage and reveals his favourite organizing items