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Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce

Michael Fazio, Top Concierge to the rich and famous, shares his secrets to being treated like a celebrity.


How to book a table at a fully booked restaurant

1.  Tip!

• Yes, tipping can make the difference between a 30 minute wait and a 2 minute wait. If you decide to tip, make sure you’re discreet about it and make sure to say ‘thank you,’ you’re still asking for a favour, after all. Some people you may want to consider tipping from time-to-time are as follows:
• Tip the manager or Maitre’d, and it’s OK to ask to see them when you arrive.
• The alternate person to tip is the bartender. They have pull in the dining room.

2.  Befriend an insider

• Befriend the bartender, valet parking attendant or whoever answers the phone

3.Send them a fan letter or call and pay them compliment

• Flattery can be your best friend and a great way to get you ahead of a 2-hour wait at the door or a table at a full restaurant.

How to acquire concert or theatre tickets to a fully booked show

1.  Talk the talk

• Sometimes you just have to fake it, to make it.  Get to know a few buzz words. Using them correctly makes you seem like an insider, and insiders are instant VIPs. For example:
Theatre/Concerts: house order = special tickets that are generally put aside for the show's producer, performers, media, celebs, etc…

2.  Get to know what’s in your wallet

• We’ve all become habitual fans and collectors of cards that get you stuff and help you save money. That is why I always recommend that we all get to know what’s in our wallets.  Amidst all the clutter and chaos we may already have a lot of VIP perks and benefits right under our nose, we’ve just probably forgotten all about them.

How to travel luxuriously without breaking the bank

1.  Reward yourself

• From credit cards to loyalty cards, we stack our wallets to the brim everyday with cards that collect points or have some reward element, etc. So before you spend the extra cash upgrading to a lavish room, get to know your wallet. You may have some VIP perks and benefits sitting right under your nose.

2.  Be a repeat offender

• In the merchant world, the most important VIP is the person who gives repeat business. Loyal customers trump famous customers these days. Also, look into companies that have loyalty programs. Loyalty programs often come with some great perks that leave you feeling like the valued and cherished customer you are!

3.  Remember you’re leaving crumbs

• Ever wonder how when you call on the phone, the person on the other end knows your name before you even say it? Well, many restaurants, hotels and even retailers are employing sophisticated restaurant software that allows for all staff to enter “comments” into your profile. Yes that is right, you very well may have a profile at some of your favourite haunts. And beware! While they like to track positive comments and preferences, they also like to take note of behaviour. If you tend to complain a lot or try to finagle questionable freebies, it will be noted!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Coming Up

Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce