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Ashley Judd says yoga helped her prepare for physically demanding role in ‘Missing’

By: Sheri Block, CTV.ca
Ashley Judd credits yoga for helping her get both physically and emotionally ready for her role as an ex-CIA agent in “Missing.” 
“It’s interesting because fight choreography is a little bit like a Vinyasa flow practice. There’s a very specific placement, there’s an articulation and yoga can help us tap into that inner warrior and that’s absolutely what (my character) Becca is,” Judd told Marilyn Denis during her appearance on the talk show Monday morning. 
In the new spy thriller, which premieres Thursday, March 15 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, Judd plays a former operative who retired after her husband was killed in a deliberate car bomb years earlier. But when her grown son goes missing after heading off to school in Rome, she’s forced to revisit her old life. 
“There’s a tragic past that as so many women have, she’s turned into a resilient present . . . And then I’m reluctantly drawn back into a world that I dislike and of which I’m fairly ashamed, the CIA, in order to find my son,” says Judd. 
Shot on location in places like Paris, Prague and Istanbul, the show plays out more like a feature film than a TV series. The action-packed pilot, which has Judd running and shooting her gun all over Europe, is nothing short of intense but Judd, who did all her own stunts, says just wait until the next episode. 
“I just watched episode 2 with some of my friends and I actually thought it was amazing,” she says, adding with a laugh she even cried during one of the scenes she was in.
As well as starring in “Missing,” Judd has been hitting the books as of late and just received a Masters degree in Public Administration at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.
Judd told Denis she always intended to go to graduate school. She says she joined the Peace Corps after doing her undergraduate degree in Kentucky and planned to come back and do a Masters degree in Anthropology but was distracted by Hollywood. 
“I had an idea that if I didn’t try acting as a younger woman I never would and I was afraid I might go on in life and have a regret. So I thought I’d go to a different kind of jungle, L.A., check that out and I can always go back and join the Peace Corps and do a Masters, and I basically have because my travel all over the world is very similar to what the Peace Corps is trying to accomplish.” 
Judd, who plans to do another degree some day, says she loves learning and her imagination is fired up by flipping through Harvard’s course catalogue. 
“That’s what I daydream about anyhow. Some people think of their vacation at the beach but I’m like, ‘Oh man, that class looks incredible’ … there are times I cried in class because I was so overjoyed.” 
'Missing' on CTV

'Missing' on CTV

'Missing' premieres on March 15 at 8:00pm ET/PT on CTV and CTV Mobile. 'Missing' asks the question: How far would you go to save the only thing you have left in the world? After CIA Agent Paul Winstone (Sean Bean) was murdered, his wife, Becca (Ashley Judd), and their 8 yr-old son, Michael, struggled to rebuild their lives. Now, 10 years later, Michael goes missing under suspicious circumstances, a few weeks into his trip to Rome and Becca will do anything it takes to find him. Becca flies to Rome for answers, but no one takes her seriously — so she takes matters into her own hands. Becca isn’t just a mother looking for her son; both she and Michael’s father were CIA agents, so whoever took Michael has messed with the wrong mother. Still, if Becca wants to find her son alive, it will take all of her resourcefulness, skill and determination, and she’ll have to rely on old friends and reopen old wounds. For a mother’s love knows no limits.

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