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Lauren Holly's 'Motive'

By: Noelle Beauregard, marilyn.ca

On February 3, 2013, after the Super Bowl,  the widely anticipated new Canadian series ‘Motive’ premieres.  Lauren Holly, who has acted in popular shows like ‘NCIS’ and ‘Chicago Hope’, stopped by ‘The Marilyn Denis Show’ to chat about what to expect from this Canadian series that has recently been picked up by ABC, and her character, Dr. Betty.
‘Motive’ takes a different look at your usual procedural crime show. In each show you meet the victim and the killer. As the story progresses it reveals how their paths cross and the motive behind the crime.
“Dr.  Betty, it’s a nice wholesome name, right? Kind of old fashion, but she is anything but. She is spicy, great sense of humour, loves her bodies. She loves live bodies too, especially firemen,” describes Holly whose character is a medical examiner. 
What blew Holly away while filming the series is how great the special effect people were, “their crazy good, they had this one body that they made that I would get, like two inches away from the leg and I could not tell that it wasn’t a real man’s leg,” says Holly.
Holly prepared for the role by visiting a morgue in Vancouver. “I was really scared to go because I didn’t know how the reaction was going to be,” explains Holly. “I had to get in this big elevator that could fit big gurneys, you know, and go down to the basement, and the doors open and I couldn’t get off the elevator because it was blocked by dead bodies on gurneys.”
As Holly explored the morgue she noticed that it had a particular odour. She felt weak in the knees, however, as she looked around her and realized how comfortable everyone working there seemed as they opened a giant freezer that contained dead bodies. “When you start to pay attention and you get used to everything it’s fascinating.”  Holly is also on a call list to follow a coroner in Vancouver to witness a real crime scene but has not been able to take the call because their schedules haven’t lined up.
Holly’s schedule is hectic with three kids and commuting from where she lives in Toronto to where she works in Vancouver to keep a regular schedule of her kids. “I’m at the point that I have flown so much that I even get hugs sometimes from Air Canada attendants.”

Thursday, January 31, 2013