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The Legendary Tim McGraw

By: Noelle Beauregard, Marilyn.ca

Marilyn Denis’ audience went wild when they heard the hot cowboy, Tim McGraw, was stopping by.  McGraw is a Grammy award-winner that has sold over 40 million albums and just released a new album -- ‘Two Lanes of Freedom.’

“You don’t want to go in thinking about what fans want to hear. You don’t want to go in and think about what the radio wants to hear, although some of that sort of bleeds in,” responds McGraw when asked about his new album. “But really what you want to do as an artist is you want to go in and make a record that pleases you as an artist. And I think at the end of the day this record is the record that I wanted to make.”

Featured on his album are friends Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. When it comes to collaborating with other artist it is important that it happens ‘organically,’ “I don’t like forcing projects,” notes McGraw.  The song with Keith Urban and Taylor Swift was a natural fit. McGraw describes the song, ‘Highway Don’t Care’ as “very cinematic” calling it a “special song.”

McGraw has been with his talented and beautiful wife, Faith Hill, for seventeen years and they have three amazing daughters together, “there is a deep pool of estrogen, I don’t have much say so,” he jokes.  Currently, they are performing together in Vegas.

“The Vegas shows were attractive to us for a whole lot of reasons. It was attractive to us because it was a limited amount of time, ten weekends total; an intimate room, which we’ve never done before in our twenty year career. We played arenas and stadiums and all these huge places. To be in an atmosphere where we could sort of be together and perform and be in this intimate environment and this beautiful theater was really cool to us.”

2007 was the last time they toured together but so much has changed for them, joking that their children seem to have busier social calendars than both of them combine, which makes it harder for them to tour together as a family.

Once the Vegas tour ends, McGraw will begin promoting his new album on tour.  Although the tour won’t be as intimate as Vegas, Faith Hill won’t have to worry about what he might say during their smaller show when they sit down and converse with one another in front of the audience.

Recently, McGraw graced the cover of ‘People’ magazine with a headline that read ‘I had to Change my Life.’ Marilyn had the magazine in hand and had to ask McGraw what it was all about. Over the past five years McGraw has lost forty pounds a result of quitting drinking.  “I drank sort of just to get in the mood to play music… it lets your inhibitions go. I think it becomes a lifestyle sort of a habit because I think that you think being a rock star that it sort of goes with the territory,” explains McGraw.

But what amazed Marilyn was the picture that showcased his sizzling hot eight-pack that McGraw attributed to his intense work outs. “It’s easier to workout without a hangover,” he says describing his workout as an intense four week workout that he does annually and usually before a tour. His intense workout is a combination of marshal arts, body weight exercises and cardio with a sprinkle of pool exercises.

Although McGraw’s main focus is music, his resume also includes a successful acting career staring in such films as ‘The Blind Side,’ ‘Country Strong’ and ‘Friday Night Lights.’ He loves acting but it’s all about finding the time and the role that fits into his busy schedule.

“For me its kind of three fold,” reveals McGraw. “I don’t have very much time throughout the year and it’s usually a set time during the years. So, to find a script that you like, find a script that is being done that you like in the time slot you have available during the time in that year. And thirdly, find a script that you like, that’s done in the time that you’re available and that they actually want you for it. So, all three of those things have to fall in place for me, it’s tough for that to happen.”

Although you might not see him on the big screen anytime soon, you should check him out when his tour hits Canada this summer!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Fri 24 Peter’s Fashion Academy! Peter Papapetrou schools two candidates on how to shop and style themselves