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Matt Dusk’s Tribute to Chet Baker

By: Violetta Holl, Marilyn.ca
It wouldn’t be a real Valentine’s Day celebration without romance, flowers, love songs and a Matt Dusk performance. The Juno nominated singer just released his album, “My Funny Valentine: The Chet Baker Songbook,” and performed a classic song from it also called, “My Funny Valentine.”
When Dusk was just a teenager he was exposed to plenty of jazz music because his parents were fans of the genre. 
“I used to go to ‘Sam the Record Man’ and I saved my money for cassettes. And I used to rummage through the discount bins, looking for great old records or cassettes” he recalls. 
As a teenager Chet Baker particular stood out to him especially when he listened to the radio at night while cramming for exams. “I would have Chet Baker on and he became a huge inspiration for me.“
When it came to choosing which Chet Baker songs to cover, Dusk faced a difficult choice of over 60 songs. “There so many because, Chet Baker as a musician played everything.  He is known for ‘My Funny Valentine,’ which is why we put it on there, and then from there it was the songs that touched me.” 
Chet Baker was infamous for his bad boy lifestyle, but in Dusk’s opinion one thing that people may not know about him is that he wanted to be a singer. “They didn’t want to let him because they didn’t think he’d sell records because he was such a great trumpet player. And then when he did, everybody was just like, ‘Wow’ and it took some time for people to actually like it cause the people still wanted him to only play trumpet.“ 
Matt Dusk in his sharp suit and neatly gelled hair certainly resembles jazz singers of the golden era such as Baker, but is he always dressed so immaculate? There is even a rumor that the singer recorded his entire tribute album in a suit. These rumors are only half true,  “well sometimes you’ve got to dress the part, and there were some moments where you are playing with a big orchestra that you want to do that. But I am a guy at the end of the day. I have been lazy and wore jeans and a t-shirt at times.” 
But what is he doing for Valentine’s Day? Unfortunately he cannot reveal his plans, “I can’t tell you because my wife is watching and you would ruin my surprise.”  But he does have a little message for her, “Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetie. I’ll see you tonight!” To the delight of our audience he doesn’t leave our studio, until he hands out a single red rose to everyone there. 

About Violetta Holl (marilyn.ca)

Violetta Holl is The Marilyn Denis Show’s Web Journalist.
Whether it’s through her articles, photography or web exclusive videos she gets you caught up on what’s happening behind-the-scenes. Violetta has written for online publications for over five years, specializing in lifestyle and entertainment. She holds a BA in Professional Writing and Communication Studies, as well as, a College Diploma in Journalism Broadcasting.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


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