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Transforming into Detective Angie Flynn

By: Noelle Beauregard, marilyn.ca

In jeans, that are a little too tight, boots and a statement necklace, Kristen Lehman transforms into Detective Angie Flynn, the lead in CTV’s new crime drama ‘Motive.’
“I’m so lucky I get to play Detective Angie Flynn, she’s so great,” remarks Lehman when she stopped by ‘The Marilyn Denis Show.’ “She’s spicy and often unflattering, which is really fun to get to play on television. I’m pleased to get to play a women who follows her instincts and isn’t apologetic about her age…She is a mother but is also really good at her job,” says Lehman, excited about playing a strong mother with a career, qualities that attracted her to the role.
When asked to talk about the concept behind ‘Motive’ Lehman notes how “sumptuous” it is to look at. “When you meet our victim and killer, you meet them in these trademarks, identifiable, beautiful, visual ways. Then you follow their lives and how they came together through this tragedy or crime.”
To prepare for the role Lehman and Louis Ferreira, who plays Angie Flynn’s partner, met up with two homicide detectives that worked in Vancouver, where the show is filmed, to better understand their characters. “They were quite cryptic about a lot of the ins and outs of their everyday job, but the stuff that I thought was amazing is to see their work environment and see the way they interacted,” describes Lehman. The show may exclude basic protocol like the need of a mirandize when arresting a criminal but what does shine through is the way the characters interact with one another.
“What was more important to me was to see how they related to each other, how they became cops, what their work environment was like and how they coped with dealing with difficult psychological things on a daily basis,” stresses Lehman.
During Lehman’s time with the homicide detectives she discovered how accurate the show portrayed these interactions with the use of inappropriate humour that weaves its way into the plot of each show.
What you can also expect to see as you watch ‘Motive’ is an abundance of guest star appearances like Joey Macintyre and Molly Parker. “Our show is kind of a guest star’s dream because it really gives them a strong arc from beginning to end,” claims Lehman.
“We don’t make any bones about the fact we’re a Canadian show” observes Lehman when they chatted about ABC buying ‘Motive’ for their summer season. However, ‘Motive’ does highlight Vancouver and it’s beauty as the back drop of the show with great scenic shots. “I’m so pound of the way we use Vancouver. And it’s unapologetic.”

Friday, February 1, 2013