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Corey Hart is Back On Stage

By: Violetta Holl, Marilyn.ca
After being out of the spotlight for over a decade Canadian musician, Corey Hart, is back with a new song. He is best known for such hit singles as “Sunglasses at Night” and “Never Surrender” and has recently revived his song “Truth Will Set You Free” for a special reason.  
“Eight months ago I got a letter form an unknown DJ in Kingston, who part-time deejays and drives a cab, named Paul Todd, who is in the video. First time I met him he flew over to Barcelona, we shot the video. People always ask for “Sunglasses at Night” or “Everything in my heart” or one of my hit songs to do a remix on, but I had never had a request for that particular song, and I always lamented that it was never a single because the message in the song is one of support for the L.G.B.T. community and I wrote it in the 80’s.” The song was written for a few of Corey’s friends. “There was so much suffering and so much pain that they internally were feeling by being who they were, and the stigma of being who they were and the inability to love who they wanted to love.  And as a sense of person, it just upset me. And so I try and teach the kids that you don’t judge someone by their colour or by their sexuality.” 
Now living between Spain and the Bahamas the musician has dedicated his time to his family including his wife Julie and their four children named Dante, River, Rain and India.  These are certainly not average names and Hart admits his choice caused some disturbance with the in-laws. “India was acceptable, O.K. It’s a country and then when I named Dante (it’s a boy’s name after the writer Alighieri) they were like, ‘Okay, he is going downhill.’” 
Dante was born in the Bahamas along with two of her siblings and India who is the oldest was born in Canada. In 1996, shortly after India was born the family moved to the Bahamas. “Truthfully I really wanted to be in a place where people didn’t know me and the Bahamas seemed like a good choice. My dad had lived there since 1968. I never knew my dad so I thought well I’m a father now, maybe it would be a good idea to know him and be out of the public eye. It didn’t work out with my dad, to try to get to know him, but the kids grew up there,” he explains.  Spain came into the picture after his children decided to focus on tennis.  “I would like to do tennis for University, get a scholarship,” Dante adds. 
In fact, the reason for his absence from the stage can be attributed to his focus on his children. When asked about why he decided to take such a long break, he replies, “ To put these guys to bed. Cook them breakfast.” Another reason is, “with the advent of video and MTV, which is really around the time that I started, literally I went from being an opening act for a lot of great bands like “Hall & Oates” to playing arenas myself, in a matter of six months.“ He explains that there is no school where you can learn how to do that, but that he is appreciative and grateful.  “I had two dreams: Write songs, be a musician and to be a dad. And thankfully God blessed me to have both.“ 
He is such a great dad that he even brought along Dante to “The Marilyn Denis Show.”  Even though she is close with her dad, she says, “I’ve never seen him perform. Ever.”  So she got a special treat when he sang the hit song, “It Ain’t Enough” on the show. She was truly impressed and said “He is amazing.” 

About Violetta Holl (marilyn.ca)

Violetta Holl is The Marilyn Denis Show’s Web Journalist.
Whether it’s through her articles, photography or web exclusive videos she gets you caught up on what’s happening behind-the-scenes. Violetta has written for online publications for over five years, specializing in lifestyle and entertainment. She holds a BA in Professional Writing and Communication Studies, as well as, a College Diploma in Journalism Broadcasting.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Corey Hart Performs

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